Beyoncé: Life Is But a Dream (2013)

Review of the documentary Beyoncé: Life Is But a Dream (TV 2013)

Beyoncé Knowles has been a steady star in the music universe. Ever since she jumped on the scene with Destiny’s Child she has been on the charts and the public eye. She’s known for her big entertaining shows, the issues she had with the group and her father and her relationship with rapper Jay-Z. In this documentary, which she has co directed, she allows the viewer a look into her life and talks about some of those things.

First of all, don’t go in expecting the most revealing movie, it’s up to Beyoncé to show the audience what she wants and everything, like her performances (which are regularly shown) is perfectly staged and edited to show the best of her. Of course this is what you would expect and I personally didn’t mind it. Behind the performer there is a person and even though you won’t see everything, it does make the person a bit more human.

You shouldn’t expect shocking things from this documentary, but Beyoncé does show a side of her you won’t normally see. Even as a non fan there were moments I was impressed by her singing, especially one part where she sang a heartfelt song which she wrote after a miscarriage. I’m sure that fans of Beyoncé will love this documentary and will love knowing a little bit more about her private life. If less time was given to showing her perform (something she is very good at) and more about the making of those shows or other parts of her life it would have been better.

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  1. This looks like something I would like to watch, since I enjoyed some of her songs. But also, her determination. I watched Katy Perry’s too last year, I figured were Beyoncé follow her steps too? Anyways, nice review, Nostra

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