The 5 Obstructions blogathon: Overview

On June 1st the 5 Obstructions blogathon started. More details on what it is and how to join can be found here. Each month a new obstruction will be posted.

June 1st: Obstruction 1
July 1st: Obstruction 2
August 1st: Obstruction 3
September 1st: Obstruction 4
October 1st: Obstruction 5

As there is a whole month for blogs to post their entry this means the entries will slowly trickle in during each month. Below you can find an overview of the blogs which are participating in this blogathon and their current status in regards to the various obstructions. The gold checkmarks indicate that the blogger has done the hardest form of the challenge.

Clicking on the checkmarks will take you to the entry of that blog.


Blog Obstruction: 1 2 3 4 5
Cinemaniac Reviews

60 thoughts on “The 5 Obstructions blogathon: Overview

  1. This sounds exactly like something I suggested to Nick for his Review tournament over at the Lamb, at least as far as the first obstruction goes. I will have to take part in this too, sounds like an interesting challenge.

  2. Wow, cool way to display everyone’s posts here Nostra. I’ll let you know when mine goes up. Most likely I’ll go with doing a positive review of a movie I didn’t particularly care for.

    • Thanks…really thought about the best way to show all the posts and decided this would be the easiest…clear overview and you can see who has done which ones and quickly click to each one of them.

      Happy to hear you are also joining in Ruth!

    • Of course, everyone is free to join, the more there are the better! Looking forward to your entry. Leave the link in this post or just send a tweet or an email.

  3. I haven’t yet gotten around to mine, but I hope to soon. I’m planning revisiting Transformers 2, which is kind of a watershed moment for me as a critic as one of the worst movies I have ever seen, but Michael Bay’s personal style and accomplishment on that film can’t be written off despite how titanically awful it is.

    • Take your time Brian, the month still hasn’t finished. That’s a very interested choice, really want to see what you will be doing with it!

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  5. I’m so behind on blogging in general because of all that traveling, but hopefully I’ll be able to do Obstruction #1 this month. Still haven’t heard from Sam Neill, probably never will. Ah well I probably just interview my friend for a review of a UK film she saw in London for Obstruction #2.

  6. Nostra, I’m just saying thanks for pushing me to try and do an interview. I just posted my interview with the director of the music documentary In the Deep Shade today. I also reviewed it the week previously. I’ll put up a summary post giving credit to your blogathon by the weekend. I also have another one possibly in the works and got a response from John Sayles’ people about covering his film when it comes out in the fall. Setting up the interview was surprisingly easy.

    • Happy to hear that Dan. I hope it would inspire other bloggers to see that getting an interview can be in reach. I know you have done others in the past but I like reading that it did push you. Will put up a link to the summary post once it is up, but you could also refer to the interview from the review (that is what I did for mine).

  7. Hi Nostra,
    I’m sorry for not doing the second obstruction, but I was on a long (4 weeks) vacation..without internet…. Is there a way I can make it up? Let me know. πŸ™‚

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