Sharknado (2013)

There are times when specific movies can become a hype. Thanks to the internet a movie like Snakes on Plane got to keep its name and for the last couple of weeks Sharknado seemed to be the movie of the moment. Even though it’s a made for TV movie on the SyFy channel it even played in theaters for a limited time. With its title it leaves no question what it is about (as the tagline says “Enough said”), but is it worth your time? I decided to take the plunge.

This is a high concept movie which really means there isn’t much story. Sharks turn up everywhere as a group of people tries to get away from the shore to escape shark pandemonium. It is ridiculous and therefore there is not a moment you will take this movie seriously. I personally laughed all the way through, not only because of that story, but also because of the execution of all of it.

Take away the few famous faces (Tara Reid, the dad from Home Alone and the guy from Beverly Hills 90210) and this could easily be mistaken for movie some guy made with his home video camera, a cheap 3D program and After Effects. The movie really looks horrible and it makes you appreciate the work of others a lot more. From shot to shot there just isn’t any form of continuity. In one shot the sun might be shining, in the next the skies are dark. Scenes are edited very badly, where you often don’t see any setup. The acting is horrible and the shark attacks aren’t scary or believable. If you feel like a lot of summer blockbusters offer cheap thrills then you are mistaken when compared to this. Although it provided some laughs I wouldn’t suggest watching this to anyone. It doesn’t even fit in the “so bad, it’s good category”.

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  1. I thought this was hilarious. I kept saying “of course that would happen” as the more ridiculous things started to come to screen. (ie The kids in the school bus, cutting the girl out of the shark)

  2. Hi, Nostra:

    Shades of old school Roger Corman B Movies!

    I caught ‘Sharknado’ when it was first on and it is BAD! Completely miscast with poor dialogue. Would like to have seen the sharks attack a fleeing lawyer. But I guess professional courtesy reigns even in low budget “Bad Cinema”.

    I still think ‘Mega-Piranha’ was far funnier.

  3. **shakes head**

    Can’t believe you didn’t give this a higher rating….. oh wait. yes I can. This film is a debacle… but c’mon Nostra, didn’t you find the fun in it just a little? When you have a helicopter circling an enormous city-wide tornado, which is dropping sharks upon the populace, and the stars of the film decide to throw frickin’ explosives out the window, surely that’s gotta get this film an extra point of two, if for nothing but sheer lunacy?

    Nice work, mate. You obviously didn’t find it as amusing as I did…. LOL!!

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  5. Horrendous from minute one. The cheap and tacky CGI was bad enough but the performances, script and soap-opera styling of the photography made me want to throw up. Perhaps Shitnado would be a better title – then again, that could be a potential sequel!

    • Hahaha, that would be a better title, but you know America…they couldn’t do that. Actually the second one will be called: Sharknado 2: The Second One.

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