The Monday Question: Phone!

The Monday Question

Hope you had a good weekend. The only movie I saw this past weekend was Turbo (the DVD had been on the shelf for a while, so had to get around to it eventually), which I wasn’t too crazy about. The rest of my screen watching time I spent on watching Netflix, which I have had now for about a month and which is very good for TV shows. I have been watching both Orange is the New Black and House of Cards (season 2), which both are awesome shows.

This week I would like to know if you have any movie related sounds on your phone? Do you use the alien sound as a text message or the Bond theme as your ringtone?

I used to have a sound from the TV show 24 for text message, but after seeing Her I just had to change it to the sound used for the phone in that movie. You can find that sound on Youtube and with quick use of Google convert it to a mp3. Here is where you can find it (although I have cut it down to making the sound once). It is such an awesome and subtle sound, which I enjoy hearing.

10 thoughts on “The Monday Question: Phone!

  1. I don’t have too many movie sounds on my phone at the moment, though I did just recently change my ringtone to the “oogah chakah” from the Guardians of the Galaxy trailer though I did also know the song from Ally McBeal. Aside from that, I have Nelson’s laugh from the Simpsons as my text message notification sound, and for a long time I had the Peanut Butter Jelly Time song from Family Guy on there too.

  2. Absolutely none! Isn’t that ridiculous? I have in the past. I once had the theme from The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly as my ringtone. I also once used the Halloween theme. But now it’s just a plain old ringing effect.

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