Black Mirror: White Christmas

Black Mirror White Christmas review

With the series Black Mirror, writer/comedian Charlie Brooker has managed to deliver two seasons of an extremely smart TV-show in which he explores the dangers of the quick development in the world of technology. By taking well-known present day concepts and showing what these could lead to in the future he has managed to let its audience think about what could happen: What are the consequences on technological improvements to our body? What is the power of social networks? Or how far are we willing to go when it comes to giving away our privary? It is the reason it is one of my favorite shows and I couldn’t wait to see the Christmas special. The promo shots, which show John Hamm seemingly talking to an egg, made me curious and the question is whether White Christmas has managed to meet my (extremely high) expectations.

Black Mirror White Christmas review

The episode consists of three stories, which are all related to each other. Two men are shown who have worked together for five years and have hardly spoken to each other during that time decide to open up to each other because it is Christmas. They tell stories they have never shared with anybody and they are filled with technology which might seem impossible at the moment, but which you can imagine can become a reality in the near future. These personal stories, involving blocking people, future slavery and how society deals with unwanted persons has been brought to the screen brilliantly.

Black Mirror White Christmas review

With that White Christmas more than met my expectations, proving that it is one of the best science fiction shows ever made. The concepts are very convincing and thanks to the great cast it all becomes believable. It is a joy to watch and the result is an episode worth talking about.

13 thoughts on “Black Mirror: White Christmas

  1. Excellent highlight Nostra. I seen this over the Xmas period and it was the best thing I seen in TV. Sci-Fi at it’s very best!

    • Yeah, definitely. Just read the news that there will be an American version of Black Mirror with Brooker overseeing it, which I’m already looking forward to as it supposedly is all new stories.

  2. I was honestly amazed at how well the stories all intertwined with each other. I could literally feel my brain working and figuring it out. And this is why I absolutely adore Black Mirror.

    Also, ridiculously depressing. On a scale I’ve not felt in a long time. There’s absolutely no “up” feeling in this whatsoever!

    • Yeah, I was wondering in advance how well it would work, but they blended perfectly. Yeah, this is a smart TV show and I wish there were more shows like it!

      No, depressing indeed 🙂

  3. This was the best thing I watched over Christmas and stayed with me long afterwards. The scene right at the end and the central characters finale still haunts me.

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