The Monday Question: Will you go see the new Star Wars movie this week?

The Monday Question

It has been nearly impossible to stay away from the fact that a new Star Wars movie would be coming out this year. All the fans have been analyzing the trailers, toys and whatever else to get to know more about The Force Awakens and I’ve been truly tested to stay away from it all. Like with any other movie I want to see a new film with as little knowledge about it as possible. I’ve done a pretty good job as this movie literally has been news on every site I visit. Never experienced that for any other movie. The movie itself will be out over here on Wednesday and I initially wasn’t in any rush to see it (I’m not the biggest Star Wars fan, so I was patient to see it after the masses). That was until I got a press invitation to go to the first screening on Wednesday morning in a Dolby Cinema. Of course I couldn’t decline that, so have taken some time off from work to be able to attend it. Of course I’ll try to have my review up that day as well (but I’m sure I’ll not be the only one).

Will you go see the new Star Wars movie this week?

14 thoughts on “The Monday Question: Will you go see the new Star Wars movie this week?

  1. No I’m not seeing it this opening weekend, pretty much all the showings at my favorite theater are sold out. But I’m going to see it the week after.

    Have fun seeing it at the Dolby theater! There isn’t one near where I live yet.

  2. Yes, opening night.

    There is a new high-end movie theatre that just opened. I’m paying a bit of a premium, but I have my assigned seats.

  3. I’m thinking it’s best to watch it on the opening day, then the story can’t be spoiled by reading something. At least the story isn’t predictable as with the prequels, so E7 has that going for it.

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