Paterson (2016) – Review

Review paterson

Paterson isn’t only the name of a town in the US, but also the name of the main character in this film, played by Adam Driver. He works as a bus driver and writes poetry. His girlfriend is artistic, paints almost everything in the house black and white and dreams about being a successful singer or selling cupcakes. During a week you get a look into their lives.

review paterson

Paterson to me is one of those movies where I can appreciate how well it’s made, where the actors are good too and which manages to create a specific atmosphere but which I can’t connect to and which doesn’t move me. Paterson’s life is normal and he doesn’t experience any exciting moments. He drives his bus, visits the local bar and talks to random strangers.

“a movie without conflict…”

 It’s something which happens in more movies, but in this case I simply couldn’t care for the characters. The poetry didn’t stand out to me and Paterson’s girlfriend quickly got on my nerves. It’s a title I would have liked to love and where I know many people will do so. Just not me. It is a movie without conflict and maybe that is something I need in the movies I watch.

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