The Architect (2016) – Review

Review The Architect

I’m organising a Dutch movieblogger get together event in two weeks where I’ve rented a cinema and of course that meant I had to look for a movie to show. More than 40 moviebloggers will show up, so it has to be good. After a documentary I really was interested in turned out to be slightly disappointing I had to continue my search. I asked some American bloggers if they had some tips for me and started watching the trailers. Of the titles it was this movie which I liked most, a light comedy starring some famous actors as well. I was quickly able to get in contact with its director, Jonathan Parker, and was sent a screener.

Recensie The Architect

Colin (Eric McCormack) and Drew (Parker Posey) are a couple who decide to purchase a new house. The building turns out to be so bad that it has to be broken down. For the new house they decide to hire an architect. It’s the excentric Miles Moss (James Frain), who Drew loves immediately. Colin does question him though and the architect’s approach leads to some friction which could also impact the construction of the house.

“not as satisfying as I had hoped…”

 Thanks to its cast and dynamic imagery this is a title which quickly manages to capture its viewers and that’s exactly what you need with comedies like this. Although you’ll be able to quickly guess which direction it will all head, that isn’t that big of an issue. It has many jokes which hit, but unfortunately the number of jokes is slightly too low to make it a movie everyone will embrace. The way everything comes together at the end of the film also doesn’t feel dynamic enough, making it not as satisfying as I had hoped. It’s a fun film to watch, but just short of the sort of movie I was hoping for based on the trailer. It meant I had to continue my search for a new title, which I now have found (but will keep under wraps until the event itself).

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