The Ten: Best Christmas Movies – Relay race


December has started, which means a lot of people are already decorating the house and getting a christmas tree. Time to make the house feel cosy and warm and of course watch Christmas movies together. But which are the best ones?

The goal of this new relay race is to find an answer to that question. The rules are, just like the past relay races (which I did ages ago), very simple: The list has 10 Christmas movies (in random order) and when the baton is handed over to a new blogger, he or she has to remove one title of the list (with an explanation why) and add one new title. Once that is done a new blogger is contacted who will take the baton and run with it, doing the same (you can reinstate a title which has been previously removed). As Christmas is in three weeks I want to ask you to publish your entry as quickly as possible to make sure the list changes as much as possible before the 25th of December. Add the logo of this relay race to your post and also add links to those who came before you making it easy for everyone to find all the entries. Now on to the initial 10 movies!

Home Alone

There are a number of Christmas films that I actually watch annually and Home Alone has been one of my favorites for years. This film, written by John Hughes, has all the elements to amuse and get you in the mood Christmas. And Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern are of course hilarious when the “Wet bandits” Harry and Marv.


Favoriete kerstfilm
The film is almost fifteen years old, but the timeless story of a grown man who grew up among the elves and heads to New York, looking for his father, still is very funny and entertaining. Will Ferrell is the perfect “man child” and the short animated parts are a pleasure to watch. A real Christmas classic.

A Muppet Christmas Carol

Although Charles Dickens story has been translated to film many times, this version is still my personal favorite. A film with a lot of atmosphere and the warmth of the Muppets.

Die Hard

films voor tijdens de kerst
Every year people argue whether or not Die Hard can be labeled a Christmas film. Yet it is very simple: Although there is a lot of action, the story takes place around Christmas. And Bruce Willis might play his best role ever.

Bad Santa

Almost everything that Christmas should not be and therefore wrong at the same time, but fun.


best kerstfilms
Although you might not associate this horror comedy with Christmas immediately, this film is set during this period and the gremlins even sing Christmas songs. A title that can not be missed.

It’s a Wonderful Life

It’s a Wonderful Life is a movie which is watched by lots of people every year. Rightly so, because it is a beautiful film that fits the Christmas period.

Miracle on 34th Street

Another title that I have to think about immediately during this period. Although the opinions are divided which two of the two versions is the best.

Love Actually

In this film eight different couples have to deal with the loves in their lives, all just before Christmas. A nice romantic movie, with a number of heart-warming moments.

Arthur Christmas

The clumsy son of Santa, Arthur, has to make sure that a forgotten package is delivered on time, doing this together with his grandfather. A very nice film from Aardman studios (also responsible for the Wallace & Gromit films).

I pass the baton to Mark from Marked Movies

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