Blade Runner 2049 (2017) – Review

Review Blade Runner 2049

The influence of 1982’s Blade Runner on the look of science fiction films has been enormous. In addition, it is a film that is widely praised by film lovers who can have a lot of discussion about what is the best version to watch and whether the character played by Harrison Ford, Deckard, is a replica or not. It is a classic and the announcement of a sequel was received with mixed reactions. Understandable, since too many sequels have been made that did not meet expectations. Yet there was a lot of hope that this might be a movie that would be worthwhile. The reason? The film would be directed by Denis Villeneuve who really hasn’t made bad films (Arrival, Sicario, Prisoners, Enemy and Incendies). In addition he would work together with cinematographer Roger Deakins and maybe that cooperation could lead to something that reached the same level of the original. Is that the case?

Review Blade Runner 2049

It is thirty years after the events of the original film. Androids are allowed again and are used as servants and slaves. K (Ryan Gosling) is also one who works as a blade runner for the LAPD. It is his job to track and disable old models. When he discovers one at a farm (an excellent role by Dave Batista), he also finds other information. Information that can have big consequences, but his boss asks him to make it disappear. In the meantime, K struggles with his own feelings and tries to find answers to a number of urgent questions.

“worthy of the title Blade Runner…”

 There is no doubt that Blade Runner 2049 is a film that takes place in the same world as the original. The details in each shot are amazing, whether they are images of a city or raindrops on a window. This is a place where people live and that’s something you feel, which is not always the case with other science fiction films. Gosling is good as K and succeeds in portraying the complexity of his character. For example, K has a relationship with a holographic program, Joi, and he does everything he can to ensure that he keeps her happy. Villeneuve knows that a Blade Runner film is more about questions than about answers and uses that perfectly. As a viewer you wonder what exactly it means to be “human”. The impressive sets, the fantastic acting and strong script result in a continuation worthy of the title Blade Runner. It is a film with a running time of 164 minutes that dares to take its time to let the world breathe instead of quickly going to the next “set piece”, so that the viewer forgets everything around him. A film that I definitely want to admire once again, to be able to take in all details even better with the knowledge of seeing it for the first time.

4 thoughts on “Blade Runner 2049 (2017) – Review

  1. I think you liked the sequel better than I did. The more I think about BR 2049, the less I care about it. I probably need to see it again, as I didn’t connect emotionally the 1st time. It is impressive visually. But as with Trainspotting 2 and Force Awakens there too many homages, constantly reminding me of the first film, instead of trying something new. My biggest disappointment is the music, Vangelis’ original soundtrack is my favorite of all-time. Hans Zimmer’s work on Dunkirk I prefer.

    • Yeah, but it is a movie I need to rewatch. Trainspotting 2 I found disappointing, but had no issues with Force Awakens.

      As for the music…it’s something I often don’t pick up on while watching a film…I simply don’t notice it.

  2. This movie has been fascinating to follow. There are some really passionate opinions from those who love it yet it has underperformed at the box office. And I love Villeneuve. You’re right, he doesn’t make bad films.

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