50 Things I dont like about movies

So after reading the lists at Eternity of Dream , The Dark of the Matinee and Cinematic Paradox about 100 things they love about movies I decided to make a list of 50 things I don’t like about movies, moviegoing and the culture (100 things would be a stretch and would probably result in some weaker entries) :

1. Classics hardly are shown in the cinema

2. Steroscopic 3D (read that holographic 3D might solve normal 3D issues, although it possibly can’t be scaled to cinema size)

3. People talking (or basically doing anything resulting in them not paying attention and annoying others) in the cinema during a film

4. Knowing that I won’t be able to see all the great movies that have ever been made

5. People that refuse to watch a movie because it’s in black and white

6. Trying to stay spoiler free, but accidentally reading or hearing something which kind of ruins your enjoyment as you know what will happen

7. Movies which are out of print and can only be bought for extreme high prices on ebay (like My Sassy Girl director’s cut)

8. Anti-Piracy warnings on DVD. I already bought the thing, why can’t I just immediately watch the movie and have to wait until the menu appears as the warnings can’t be skipped?

9. Falling asleep during a very interesting movie just because I’m that tired

10. Knowing I won’t be able to finish watching a film because I really have to get up early the next morning.

11. Having to admit that I haven’t seen some movies and other people telling me “Really? That’s not possible!”.

12. People feeling the need to defend themselves because I didn’t like a movie. It’s ok, not everyone has the same taste

13. Someone not being able to enjoy a dumb action movie because they expected more story/a deeper meaning. Sometimes you just have to switch your brain off and enjoy these type of films for what they are.

14. Not being able to watch trailers as most of them spoil the whole movie

15. Trailers showing bits that are not in the actual movie

16. Ads in movies if they are just too obvious (yes, I’m looking at you I Robot, The Island, Gulliver’s Travels, Iron Man 2 etc)

17. That some movie experiences won’t be shown at the cinema the way the film maker intended them (Kill Bill, Grindhouse)

18. When a movie has too many cliches

19. Horror movies (although I don’t mind small horror elements), I don’t enjoy scaring myself if it’s not needed

20. Bad or too many sequels (I pretend that after Terminator 2 no other movies with Terminators were made)

21. Some instances of complete CGI backgrounds in movies (yes, George Lucas, I’m talking about you)

22. Sitting too close to the screen at action movies as it’s impossible to make out what is happening

23. The whole “giving a speech before I kill you” thing, resulting in the hero escaping

24. Movies with Barbra Streisand

25. Movies with Meryl Streep (although to a lesser extent as she was great in Kramer vs. Kramer)

26. Not being able to explain why Sam Worthington is in so many blockbusters

27. Not being able to understand why Megan Fox became so popular

28. Taking an amazing concept and completely messing it up with two sequels (Hello Matrix!)

29. Completely unrealistic computer interfaces or people hacking into something by just a few button presses

30. 8-Bit sound effects when someone is playing a videogame, even if it’s a current console

31. most Tyler Perry movies (yeah, I saw quite a lot of them)

32. when in a romantic movie someone is in a serious relationship and the main character just manages to totally wreck the relationship within an hour and a half. Am I supposed to feel great about that?

33. when a movie is set in Paris, having to show the Eiffel tower (for example in Hereafter)

Since I hardly give a 1 to a movie, these deserve their own spots:

34. P.S. I Love You

35. Mulholland Drive

36. Land of The Lost

37. Superhero Movie

38. Bad translation of slang in subtitles

39. Reboots

40. Most remakes

41. Some actors which only seem to be able to play one kind of role (Michael Cera, talk to your agent)

42. Movies not being as good as the trailers lead you to believe (Sucker Punch)

43. Most movies with Martin Lawrence

44. The more movies you watch the more predictable other movies get and it takes more for a movie to surprise you

45. Prices of the food at a movie theatre

46. Not being able to read my books about movies because I’d rather watch one instead

47. Not being able to go to the cinema as often as I would like to

48. Having doubts about a movie being good (but we need bad movies to see which ones are good)

49. Hardly any innovation/originality when it comes to animated films (with a few exceptions of course)

50. People slamming an upcoming movie based on the fact that the director’s previous movie was bad

Which are things you don’t like about movies?

And if you wonder if there are things I love about movies, then you can read 50 Things I love about movies.

6 thoughts on “50 Things I dont like about movies

  1. 11. Having to admit that I haven’t seen some movies and other people telling me “Really? That’s not possible!”.

    I always respond by saying. “Not everyone has seen every movie!” Then I ask them if they have seen some classic they have never heard of. Most of the time its kids that only watch modern films and ask me about stupid film.

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