50 Things I love about movies

Since some people were also wondering about the things I love about movies after reading my 50 Things I don’t like about movies, I decided to create a list for that as well. Could easily write more, but these were the first 50 things I thought about:

1. Still being able to watch the movies when the art of filmmaking was still young

2. Being amazed by a movie someone else advised me to see

3. Ads before the movie starts, the big screen makes them enjoyable to watch

4. Finishing a movie which leaves a big impression on you (it makes you think or makes you feel like you have the same strengths as the main character)

5. Being able to lose track of the world

6. The feeling of being in impossible real life situations

7. Iconic characters like Indiana Jones

8. That magical feeling Spielberg movies seem to have

9. Kung Pow (“My finger points!”, “That’s a lot of nuts!”). It’s a love or hate movie, really no middle ground possible.

10. The soundtrack to The Hunt for Red October

11. Non-chronological films (Memento, 21 Grams)

12. Pulp Fiction

13. Starting my exploration into South Korean cinema

14. That you can watch your favorite movies again and again without getting bored of them

15. Writing, reading and talking about movies

16. Knowing that even an animated movie can leave a lasting impression (Grave of the Fireflies)

17. Laughing at something during a movie with nobody else laughing in the audience

18. Having such a wide range of genres that there’s always a movie which will fit your mood

19. The 10-minute “something” segments on on Robert Rodriguez DVD’s

20. Tarantino movies

21. Tarantino talking about movies

22. Black Swan (after watching it for a third time it still moved me)

23. The seemingly unlimited supply of great movies

24. Eating M&M’s while watching a film

25. The scene in E.T. where he turns all white

26. The use of colors in Hero

27. People asking me which movie they should watch

28. Robert De Niro when he still made good decisions about the movies he was in

29. That it’s still possible to make something new and exciting in existing genres (District 9)

30. Donnie Darko making me think for days what actually happened

31. The depiction of early love in Before Sunrise

32. Michael Douglas in Falling Down

33. Being alone in a cinema

34. Comedies can make you think about life as well (Groundhog Day)

35. Amazing title sequences

36. Exploration of new techniques to show audiences things they never saw before (bullet time in the matrix)

37. Being able to learn a lot about the world through interesting documentaries

38. Meeting a lot of great people online because of them

39. Arnold Schwarzenegger in the first two Terminator movies

40. Hoping that a successor to Before Sunset will be made

41. Bill Murray in Lost in Translation

42. Being blown away by Magnolia

43. The jokes in Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

44. The way consequences of your decisions were explored in Mr. Nobody

45. Alfred Hitchcock

46. Joe Pesci in Goodfellas

47. That every person can take away something completely different from the same movie, just like they would with other art

48. Still being able to remember the first time I went to the cinema

49. How some movies you watched when you were young can bring back that feeling when you rewatch them

50. To keep learning more about the background of movies (love reading the trivia on IMDB or in Ebert’s The Great Movies book)

4 thoughts on “50 Things I love about movies

  1. I share 90 percent of your reasons! Great post. I would include Visual Cinema, French Cinematography and Christopher Nolan. The best part about movies is the ritual of movie going because that seems to have been lost by the majority of us now. I wish that I was alive 50 years ago where the magic of cinema still existed.

    • Nice to see you have the same reasons 🙂 Christopher Nolan could easily be added indeed, he has made so many amazing movies. Visiting movies 50 years ago is something I would have loved to be able to do as well. Looking at old pictures of all the cinemas in my own town I was surprised how many there were and how many people went.

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