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When it comes to movie information, IMDB is the king of the hill. Whether you want to know what a movie scored, which actors play in a movie, what the memorable quotes are or any other facts, it’s the place to be. You can cast your vote and discuss a movie on the boards, but if you want to know more about your personal movie watching behaviour, compare your vote history or want to know how many movies you have seen from the top 250 (or any other list for that matter), IMDB is lacking in this department. With the popularity of social networking, it’s a gaping hole in its functionality. Luckily there are some sites which do provide these functions.
The movie viewer is central to these sites, instead of the movies.

The first is On this site you can click on all the movies out of the imdb top 250 you have seen and immediately know how many are still left. The site provides a possibility for export to excel and html code which you can use on your blog to show your progress:

Unfortunately the site does not offer you the opportunity to import your votes from imdb to determine which movies you’ve already seen, but if you are only interested in the number you have seen, the movies are quickly selected. There is not a lot of functionality.

The real movie lover however might be interested in other top movie lists, for example Roger Ebert’s great movies list, the American Film Institute’s lists or other ones. For those searching for this functionality, is highly recommended.

This site provides a huge amount of film lists and gives you a overview how many movies in each list you have seen. Registration is easy and to start you off you can import your public imdb vote history. During this process you can configure which movies should be set as your favorites, for example the ones that scored a 9 or higher. After the import you can immediately see the results for each of the lists.

The popularity of achievements and trophies has increased with Xbox Live and the Playstation network. Some people play games just to increase their numbers and for them (and others who would like to have something to show for their movie watching accomplishments) icheckmovies uses awards. Awards can be gained by seeing certain percentages of the movies in a list. You can get either bronze, silver, gold or platinum awards. The site also offers the functionality to compare your own progress with other users.

Just as the site also offers banners which can be used on blogs/forums etc. There is a lot of choice:
Nostra's general widget

Nostra's AFI 100 movies widget

Nostra's The great movies widget

Nostra's Empire 500 widget
and many more…

The site currently only has the movies in its database that are in the lists, so some movies can’t be found. I’ve discussed this with one of the developers of the site and the database will be expanded in the future, see the roadmap on the site for future developments.

If you want to know how many minutes you spend each month watching movies, which day you watch them the most or what the average rating is you gave to movies you watched in a specific month, whatiwatch can provide the answers. Every day you watch a movie (or tv-series) you enter the specific date and the movie and the site will track your statistics. You can compare these statistics with other users. It offers the possibility to export your statistics in various codes (HTML, csv, Yabb) so you can use the summary elsewhere or do twitter updates when movies are added. This site also offers banners showing how many movies you watched this year and the total amount of minutes:

Do you ever have a movie quote in your head, but can’t remember from which movie it was? Anyclip offers the possibility to search for a movie quote and it will show each and every movie that might have used it. Most quotes i typed in were present, although there are movies that are not in their database (i must admit i tried a lesser known movie). Due to copyright issues no actual movie clips will be shown, but a good description is given.

The above sites are all very helpful and will definitely help to increase your movie passion even more. Use them!

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    • This article is one of the first ones I wrote. Of these I still use icheckmovies and what i watch. Icheckmovies has improved a lot now as you can now enter any movie you want and they keep improving it. As I don’t want to keep track of anything else besides movies these two sites work best for me 🙂

    • This was one of the first articles I wrote, so some of the info might not be up to date anymore (I know that has really improved its import funcitonality). Hope you thought it was useful!

  2. Another site movie fans can use to keep track of movies they’ve seen or want to see. Rate or review movies. Start or join movie discussions or discover new movies they’d like to see is

    • Hadn’t heard of that one, but I’ll give it a look. There are more alternatives now since I wrote this article more than 2 years ago, but it’s always nice to have other options!

    • This is one of the first articles I wrote and it really isn’t up to date anymore. I have tried Letterboxd and it’s a cool site, but before it got out of beta I never was able to import all my ratings from IMDB. Have mailed with them a lot, but they never fixed it, so I basically stopped using it.

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