Memento (2000)

Memento is a movie which, like Donnie Darko, makes you think. It’s also a movie which you shouldn’t watch when you are either tired or have troubles concentrating, because you will feel like the main character. He has no short-term memory and because of that can’t make new memories. To be able to live normally he has set up a system to make let himself know what he should do.

The movie is unique as it starts at the ending and is then told backwards in time using time blocks. because of this you will have to keep paying attention and remember what happens after that scene, as you already have seen it.
Christopher Nolan has made his name the last couple of years with the Batman movies and The Prestige. Which are of course movies you will have to see if you haven’t already.

According to Wikipedia Brad Pitt would initially be playing the starring role, but because of conflicts with filming for another movie he wasn’t able to do it. As he did Fight Club in 1999 and Snatch in 2000, it would have been a movie which would have been a nice addition.
Instead of Brad Pitt, the role is now played by Guy Pearce, which recently played in The Hurt Locker. He is following clues he left himself using notes and tattoos on his body. There are also people who abuse this way of remembering. Because of the way the movie has been made, you sometimes get the feeling that you also are suffering from amnesia, because you will have to remember more and more to understand what’s going on. If you manage to do remember, then the movie has a fantastic ending, which makes you want to watch the movie again.

The DVD has an easter egg on it which will allow you to watch the movie in chronological order, making it easier to understand. I haven’t used the feature, but it’s a nice to have.

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