Seven Pounds (2008)


There are some movies that manage to grab your attention within the first few minutes and that don’t let go until they end. A very effective way of doing so is showing something which will happen later in the movie. In that respect Seven Pounds immediately had me and I was glued to the screen in this story about one very unique man.

This is a movie that is best watched without any prior knowledge of its story. For those wanting to know though I can tell that it is about an aerospace engineer/IRS agent who decides his cases based on the way they act against him and others. Or at least that’s what it appears to be. As the movie progresses you start to find out what he’s up, while that throat clenching opening lingers in the back of your mind.

Will Smith delivers his best performance I have seen until now, making his character one who’s hard to comprehend, but at the same time compassionate, kind and fragile. Rosario Dawson is also worth
mentioning as she is as stunning as ever and her chemistry with Smith is apparent. Some might think the soundtrack might be playing a bit too much with your heartstrings, but it surely worked for me. Seven Pounds touched me and is a movie which you should definitely give a chance.

Score: 10

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