The Pianist (2002)

What’s it like for one person to live through a world war? That’s the question which this movie, based on the autobiography of Wladyslaw Szpilman, answers.

The movie shows that the effects of the nazi regime slowly starts to have a grip on his life. In the beginning it’s not that big, but as time progresses he is forced to get hide from it.

The story in itself is impressive, but because you already know what happened during the second World War, the movie takes on an even bigger meaning and really makes you think about it.
Szpilman only sees what happens around him. He does not know about the big battles going on and what is happening in the rest of the world. He only sees and knows his own little world.
Because of this you start to feel what it must have been like to have to hide, try to survive and also how much luck you must to have had had to live through some situations.
The movie is subdued in its tone and very personal which makes this movie so great in my opinion. It will leave a long-lasting impression.

Score: 10

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4 thoughts on “The Pianist (2002)

  1. This is an incredible movie. I think it gets a lot of its power from Adrien Brody’s performance simply because the movie uses its cast to move the audience instead of trying to communicate emotions through conversation or voice-overs.

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