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Penguins of Madagascar (2014)

Review Penguins of Madagascar

Sometimes it can be the smallest things which can charm you as you are watching a movie. Little things which succeed in immediately grabbing your attention and pull you fully into the movie. With this movie that happened immediately during the opening of the movie, because the first thing you hear is the voice of one of my favorite directors (and voices), Werner Herzog. The cold landscape and his voice immediately made me think of his own documentary Encounters at the End of the World and the fact he agreed to do the voice work for this movie proved to me why is so fascinating, really a man full of surprises. It immediately sold the movie to me and the movie had hardly started. Continue reading

The Imitation Game (2014)

review The Imitation Game

Many historic events sometimes have, without us being aware, had a big impact on our daily lives. The device you are using at the moment to read this review is a good example of that. The man who was one of the pioneers when it comes to the development of computers is Alan Turing, the main character in this movie about breaking the German Enigma code. Continue reading

Top 10 time travel movies

Top 10 Time Travel movies

One of my favourite subjects when it comes to film is time travel. Even though each “normal” movie does transport its viewer to a different time, the number of movies in which the characters do so is more limited. But if you are a fan of the genre there are quite a few choices, with the following ten movie being my favourites. Continue reading

Film Characters from the Different Casino Eras


It’s a simple and obvious concept but the characters in a movie really can be the difference between it being an Oscar nominated masterpiece and an embarrassing flop. Getting somebody believable to play the main part can grip the audience and keep them on the edge of their seat, get this wrong and people will be heading for the aisle before the grand finale. What can turn a performance from mediocre to amazing may depend on the era of the film and how that influences a characters behaviour.

One of the most common scenes to be depicted in cinema is the casino scene. Many characters have tried in the past to make us feel on edge as we watch them play for high stakes, but only a few manage it. Continue reading

La Jetée (1962)

La Jetée review

In the opening of La Jetée it’s named a photographic novel, a term which immediately raises questions. When you actually start watching it quickly becomes clear why it has been given that title. The movie consists of, if you forget one “freeing” exception, completely out of pictures, combined with a voiceover telling a story. It is like being read to as a child with a book in front of you. The story is very mature though and it is a movie experience unlike any other. Continue reading