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The Monday Question: Speed!

The Monday Question

There are moments that you start wondering about the strangest things and this week’s question is an example of that. As I’m a big fan of movies I watch a lot of them and often try out movies which I might not enjoy. But unless a movie is really horrible I always feel that I should finish a movie and not turn it off. In the days of the VHS tapes this would sometimes mean fast forwarding through bits, but now more options are available, one of them being able to play back a movie at a higher speed, but keeping the pitch of the voices. There are DVD players which support it and various apps which also do so. I think it is a great solution for not spending as much time you’d like on a movie while still finishing it. Now I don’t use the feature often and if I do it’s movie I don’t want to spend time on reviewing them, but I am wondering:

Do you ever watch movies at a higher speed and what is your opinion on using this feature?

Good Will Hunting (1997)

Review Good Will Hunting

The death of Robin Williams was unexpected and shocked a lot of people. It still is hard to understand why someone who gave so much laughter left life the way he did. Like many other movielovers did, I too decided to check out some of his work. I watched Dead Poets Society for the first time and I also felt it was a good moment to rewatch this movie. It’s been a very long time since I last saw it and except for a general summary of the movie I forgot the rest. I was interested to find out if I would still like it as there are some movies you liked when you were younger and on as rewatch don’t hold up. It wondered how it would turn out for this. Continue reading

The Fault in Our Stars (2014)

Review The Fault in Our Stars

It is funny to see how a poster and a hype around a movie can influence your expectations. With this movie, based on a popular book, it was immediately clear to me that the target group for this one was teenage girls. I have seen various other movies of this type appear (Twilight, City of Bones, Beautiful Creatures (skipped all of them)), so I was not really jumping for joy to watch this one. My expectation was a predictable movie filled with clichés. But after hearing a lot of very positive things about it I got curious about the quality of the film. Continue reading

Get On Up (2014)

Review Get on up

If there is one artists who had a huge impact on a specific music genre than James Brown fits the bill. A quick look at the “Rap Sample FAQ” shows a long lists of artists who have sampled his music. James Brown had a long and very successful career with some ups and downs. Just like biopics about other artists (think Walk the Line and Ray) Get On Up tries to tell his life story. Continue reading

The Monday Question: Apps!

The Monday Question

Even though I didn’t really need it I recently decided to get myself a new phone, one which has been titled a “flagship killer”. The phone is made by Oneplus and the model is called One. Specs are impressive with a 5.5 inch screen, 3Gb of RAM, a 13 megapixel camera and 64Gb of memory. Best thing of all that though is the price, which is only 299 euros. Since this is a new company which still has to ramp up production they introduced an invite system in order to get one and it took me a couple of nights of frequenting the forums to get my hands on one.

Last week I received the phone and have been quite happy with it during the last week. You get used to the size of the thing quickly and I already see some advantages of having this phone. The most important one is that I can now easily read and respond to your blog posts, something which was way too slow to do on my old phone (and therefore I never did). So you will be seeing me around commenting more than usual. I might do a separate article on the phone itself describing what I do and don’t like, but the question this week is not about this phone. It is about apps:

Which movie related apps you can’t do without (and would recommend to others)? Continue reading