Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri (2017) – Review

If you go by the title, you might wonder why you should watch a movie that is about three billboards in a place you have never heard of. If you look a bit further and see that Martin McDonagh is the writer and director, it becomes more interesting. He made the highly valued In Bruges in the past and was also responsible for Seven Psychopaths. And with a star cast including Francis McDormand, Woody Harrelson, Sam Rockwell and four Golden Globes (for best actress in a drama, best film (drama), best male supporting role in film and best script) is this one of the first must-sees of the year. Continue reading

My Name is Nobody (2018) – Review

Review My Name is Nobody

At the start of this documentary an Italian restaurant waitress shows the viewer the many pictures plastering the walls. She explains which celebrities are shown, who have all visited the place in the past. During that moment you realise that that knowledge about those people in the pictures, once she is gone, will be lost forever. The people on the pictures were famous during the height of their careers, but they also, unless they played a very important role in history, will be forgotten within decades. And with that the pictures lose their meaning as well.

Director Denise Janzée tries to do the reverse here, based on a picture. It is a world famous photo of a class showing two little boys, who will later turn out to be icons of Italian cinema: Sergio Leone (The Good, The Bad and the Ugly and Once Upon a Time in America) and composer Ennio Morricone, who wrote a lot of iconic movie scores. Between the two little boys there is a third. There is a name written on the picture in pen, but besides that nothing is known about him. Is it possible to find out more about his life based on that name and the picture? Continue reading

Creative subtitles #1

When you’ve been writing about movies as long as I have, you at times start looking for something different. Something a little more fun. One of the things I used to love on the now defunct The Focused Filmographer were the Cinematicaptions articles. I want to bring that back to life as Creative Subtitles, which is all about fun! So what’s the idea?

You’ve probably watched TV with the sound off and made up yourself what the characters were saying. This is the same, but then using promotional shots from a couple of movies. It’s up to you to write down what they are talking about. The crazier, the better! Continue reading

Black Mirror – Season 4 review: Black Museum

Review Black Mirror Black Museum

By creating the world of Black Mirror, writer Charlie Brooker shows in each episode how technology can influence our lives. It shows how it can solve problems, but at the same time also how it can make people suffer by it, even if this wasn’t the purpose of that technology. That’s also the case with the final episode of season 4, which just like the episode White Christmas, consists of short stories set against a bigger backdrop. Continue reading

The Nile Hilton Incident (2017) – Review

Review The Nile Hilton Incident
I have to admit that I actually do not watch too many films that were not made in America. The main reason is perhaps that I usually have the urge to see the latest (big) releases, precisely because those are most talked about. As a result, it is often you only find out about great films made in the rest of the world if they have an Oscar nomination or receive attention because of a very specific reason. Nevertheless, I sometimes try to watch movies that I haven’t heard about and that was the case at The Nile Hilton Incident. Continue reading

Things you hear too much in movies – Part 1

Things you hear too much in movies
When you regularly watch movies and series you’ll probably have noticed that there are these quotes which just seem to come back regularly. Sentences which make you think “haven’t I hear this before?” or where you are able to say the next sentence before a character even says it. These are cliche lines which might be the result of a scriptwriter who got lazy or who thought it might be the best for the moment. Things you hear too much in movies. Continue reading