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Aanmodderfakker (2014)

Review Aanmodderfakker

You might think that as a movie lover I am always looking forward to the various award shows (Oscars, BAFTA’s, Palme D’Ors and in the Netherlands the Golden Calves), but this isn’t the case at all. I never watch them when they are broadcast and except for maybe having a quick peek at the winners those type of events don’t do anything for me. Of course those awards do mean some extra attention for a movie/director or actor, but in the end it all comes down to politics in choosing the winners. It has often happened that some movies got a ton of awards, but which I didnt enjoy at all. This was also the case with this movie which won prizes for best movie, script and actor. Continue reading

Playtime (1967)

Review Playtime

Les vacances de Monsieur Hulot was my first experience of watching Jacques Tati and his most famous character Monsieur Hulot. THat movie really didn’t have much story to it, but felt almost like a comedic documentaire about the events that take place in a hotel near a beach. The DVD set of his movies also had his fourth movie Playtime in it, which has been on my to watch list for years. I had gotten very curious about it and was interested to find out how it would compare to Les Vacances de Monsieur Hulot. Continue reading

Short movie: Gregory Go Boom

Gregory Go Boom

Through his various roles Michael Cera has built up an image of the awkward teenager and for a long time has been typecast in that role. In This Is The End he actually played “himself” and was very enjoyable as an annoying guy, which was refreshing to see. In this 2013 short movie (only 17 minutes) he plays Greagory, who lives together in a trailer with his sister who takes care of him. Gregory is done with that and wants to move in with his brother. This results in some frustration, but Gregory has set up three dates, which might be able to brighten up his life. Continue reading

Secret Window (2004)

Review Secret Window

The work of writer Stephen King has been a great source for various series and movies. I can remember watching them when I was young (for example It and Christine). The most famous movie based on his work is probably The Shining (which King actually doesn’t like). Another movie I strongly remember is The Mist, mainly for its haunting ending. The mysterious and supernatural atmosphere of the movies is something I’m always able to enjoy. Secret Window is also a “Stephen King film” I’ve know about for years, but hadn’t come around to watching. Continue reading

The Monday Question: Amazon!

The Monday Question

At the end of last week there was a rumour that Amazon will be introducing a service comparable to what Spotify currently does with music for people who don’t subscribe: You’ll be able to watch movies for free, but supported by ads. They would do this in order to lure people away from Netflix towards their own service, Amazon Prime. I think it is a very interesting development, which potentially could attract a whole lot of people. Watching a couple of ads when watching a movie is something people are already accustomed to when watching them on television, so they will probably won’t mind here either.

What are your thoughts about this rumour?