Tickled (2016) – Review

Review Tickled

David Farrier is a journalist from New Zealand who has an eye for funny and light reports about people who stand out. When he was looking for a new subject he came across a clip which interested him. It was about competitive tickling. This does sound very bizarre, but in the video you see how a man has been tied up by his hands and feet and how several men in sports outfits are tickling him. Farrier decides to make a story about it. He approaches the producers of the films, Jane O’Brien Media, but to his surprise he gets a very hostile reaction back from them. He blogs about it and the reaction he gets is that not only does he have to remove his post (because else he will be taken to trial), but the company also sends three men to New Zealand to meet Farrier. They try to convince him to stop what he is doing. Despite the warnings he continues as he wants to know more. Continue reading

Thank You for Playing (2015) – Review

Review Thank you for playing

A couple of years ago it was easy to classify games into various genres. There were some experimental games, but there weren’t that many of them and they usually didn’t get much attention. But indie games (which are made by small teams) have become a lot more popular. They can offer something you haven’t experienced before and Ryan Green is a developer who offers a very emotional experience with his game. The title is That Dragon Cancer. Continue reading

Black Mirror – Season 3: Playtest

Review Black Mirror Playtest seizoen 3

As someone who has been playing games for years and who has experienced this form of entertainment developing from three simple blocks on the screen (Pong) to extremely realistic worlds like those in for example Grand Theft Auto, I sometimes wonder where we’ll eventually end up. At the moment virtual reality and augmented reality are hot, because they are able to offer a new experience where “presence” is the magic word. As a player you must have the feeling that you are really in a different place. The headsets follow the movements of your head and the world you experience matches that perfectly. It is a field that is still young in its current form, but how will it evolve? Playtest tries to give an answer to that question in a typical Black Mirror way, directed by Dan Trachtenberg (10 Cloverfield Lane) Continue reading

Love & Friendship (2016) – Review

Review Love & Friendship

I decided to get out of my comfort zone by watching Love & Friendship. Normally I’m not a fan of costume dramas. The setting and events rarely manage to entertain me (Amadeus being an exception), but there are times when you have to give movies a chance. This film seemed like the right choice. The reviews were very positive and as the source material, Jane Austen’s “Lady Susan” is considered a classic and this also had comedy, I expected to actually enjoy this. Continue reading

Doctor Strange (2016) – Review

Review Doctor Strange

Although Marvel releases several new superhero movies each year with famous characters who are part of the Avengers, it also takes a risk (to a certain degree, as they follow a formula) by bringing a relatively unknown character and bringing them to the big screen. That previously worked well with Guardians of the Galaxy and Ant-Man. Now it’s Doctor Strange’s turn. Continue reading

Arrival (2016) – Review

Review Arrival

Getting thoughts and ideas across can happen in various ways and as humans we have a constant urge to communicate. Not only about the present, but also for people in the future. This review is an example of that, because as I’m writing this I know others will read it days, weeks or even months later.

Communication appears to be easy, but it comes as no surprise that misinterpretation can happy quickly depending on the way it is communicated and the state of the person receiving that information. It sometimes might be hard to translate a feeling into words, as much as it is impossible to really describe a scent.In Arrival, de latest movie by one of my favorite directors, Denis Villeneuve, it’s all about communication. How can you get messages across to someone who speaks a completely foreign language to yours, in this case aliens?This review contains spoilers Continue reading