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The Monday Question: Background!

The Monday Question

The problem with loving movies is that you really don’t have enough time to watch as much of them as you’d like. Sometimes you have other things to do, but there are always movies which either you have seen or you can easily do something else while watching them. I occasionally start movies knowing I won’t give them my full attention (for example documentaries where the information which is said is most important or movies I’ve watched before) and am wondering if you ever do the same:

Do you ever play movies in the background while you are doing something else?

5 Most popular movies set in Las Vegas

Although I have never visited Las Vegas I have seen many movies and TV shows set there. People have always been fascinated by the golden slots-halls of the casinos and the atmosphere they are filled with, the amazingly elegant women and the excited crowd milling around roulette and blackjack tables. Even in the era of the popularization of gambling, where everybody can play every kind of casino game online (comfortably sitting at their homes), Las Vegas maintains a superior attraction. There are even slot games that have been dedicated to this wonderful city. Cinema, of course, offers an exciting look into its world of bright lights, glamour and gaming. Here is a list of the 5 most popular movies set in the capital of the gambling world that celebrates it and foster its myth. Continue reading

The Many Faces of… Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz was born on August 30, 1972 in San Diego. She grew up in Long Beach. She started working as a model at age 16 and did campaigns for Calvin Klein and Levi’s. Her first role was in The Mask opposite of Jim Carrey which immediately launched her career. She did various movies after it and was even going to play in the Mortal Kombat movie but had to pull out because of an injury. She played in A Life Less Ordinary, My Best Friend’s Wedding, There’s Something About Mary, Being John Malkovich, Very Bad Things, Charlie’s Angels. She was the voice for Princess Fiona in Shrek. Other movies she has starred in include The Holiday, What Happens in Vegas, The Box, Knight and Day, The Green Hornet, Bad Teacher, The Counselor, The Other Woman and Sex Tape. Continue reading

Life Itself (2014)

Review Life Itself

Roger Ebert has probably been (and still is) one of the most well-known film critics in the world. Even though I rarely read his reviews on his blog, I do own two of his books. The way he writes is fantastic to read and usually there is something to learn from his vision on a movie when compared to others. With the many years of experience he has had that doesn’t come as a surprise. During his life he watched more than 10.000 movies (as the documentary states, but my guess it would be a lot more) and you notice his passion for them. In the US he was known to a wide audience thanks to the TV show he did with Gene Siskel, which turned their “thumbs up/down” into something iconic. Ebert received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and received a Pulitzer prize for his work.

In 2002 he found out he had cancer. He had to live with it and the disease eventually cost him his lower jaw and his ability to speak and eat. Last year he died and this documentary, which borrows the title of his book with the same name, tries to show the man behind the film critic. Continue reading

Boyhood (2014)

Review Boyhood

The passage of time is one of the facts of life. The moments we remember are only a fraction of what we experience in our lives. It sometimes is unreal to see how quickly we become older, but also to see how fast kids grow, learn and develop their own identity. With Boyhood director Richard Linklater has delivered a unique movie which shows the journey a boy takes into becoming an adult man, all over a period of three hours. He hasn’t done this in the way other directors approach this (by working with different actors for the various ages). He filmed this over a period of twelve years, working with the same actors. Continue reading

Sex Tape (2014)

Review Sex Tape

Sex sells, which isn’t a surprise. Whole advertising campaigns are based on it and some directors (Michael Bay is the first one I thought of) gladly show the female curves and tough men every opportunity they get. When it comes to comedies it has also been a subject that has been used a lot. From the exploitation movies of the seventies to movies like Porky’s during the eighties all the way to the Apatow movies of the last couple of years. Sex Tape is now playing in the cinema and is very clear about its story. During the last couple of years many celebrity sex tapes have surfaced and there are a lot of couples who decide they want to spice things up and record their love-making. Continue reading