Everest (2015) – Review

Review Everest

We all, in one way or another, are looking for boundaries. Of course as a kid we often go past boundaries set by our parents, but in life we also try new things to test ourselves. We want to see what we are willing to do, to face a challenge. How far someone goes with that is different for everyone. I never felt the need to tie a huge elastic band to my feet and jump of a bridge, but a lot of people need that shot of adrenaline and some go even further. Some don’t seem to realize that they are gambling with their life, because I don’t understand what motivates them. This was also the case for me with Everest. Continue reading

As I Open My Eyes (2015) – Review

Recensie As I Open My Eyes

Film is a powerful medium to convey certain ideas or situations in a sensitive and subtle way to others. It can open eyes because it shines light on the dark past of a country (for example The Act of Killing ) or results in changes (such as Blackfish). In recent years there were several revolutions in various countries in the Middle East. Not all of them have achieved the desired result, but it has showed the world how powerful it can be when everyone speaks up. Tunisia also belonged to those countries and it is the place where this film takes place, on the eve of Tunisia’s Jasmine Revolution. Continue reading

The Terror Live (2013) – Review

Review The Terror Live

The Terror Live is a movie I had planned to write about a while ago, but the week I was going to publish it, the attacks in Paris happened and that made me think. A lot of the movies I’ve written about this week have something to do with bombs. For the moviegoer they are a source of entertainment, excitement and spectacle. But sometimes we see the real damage they can do in real life. I made me wonder why we’d still choose to see those type of movies? In my opinion it is partly to be able to experience something we normally wouldn’t be able to. We can escape our everyday life for a moment and face our biggest fears, but then in a safe environment. Sometimes though (like after the attacks) fiction and reality come too close together and it will feel wrong to enjoy such films.

In the past various shocking events have had their effect on movies. A scene was removed from Gangster Squad after the cinema shooting in Aurora, Colorado and the director of Die Hard with a Vengeance thought about removing the opening explosion because of the events in Oklahoma. At those moments scenes like could be considered insensitive/in bad taste. Continue reading

Die Hard with a Vengeance (1995) – Review

Review Die Hard with a Vengeance

The hope that we’ll get another new Die Hard movie which is worth watching seems to getting smaller as the movies (and the acting Bruce Willis does) are getting worse. Still the the original Die Hard movie and this third film in this franchise have gained a special place in my heart. They are wonderful, entertaining action movies in which the main characters end up in a situation which they can’t control and are forced to do anything to make the best of it with the means available. Continue reading

Thy Father’s Chair (2016) – Review

Review Thy Fathers chair

I’m sure you sometimes have one of those days where you don’t feel like cleaning up the house. You don’t do the dishes or pick up some stuff laying around. Sometimes you might do that a couple of days, but you’ll quickly realize your house will become a mess and you make sure you get rid of the mess. Jewish twins Abraham and Shraga from New York haven’t done anything around their house. The man are covered by wounds from all the vermin in their house biting them and the average person wouldn’t dare enter their house. Still a specialized team goes into the house and tries to get the brothers say goodbye to all their “precious” junk. Continue reading

The Gambler (2014) – Review

The Gambler

One of the more surprising career trajectories of recent years has been the incredible rise of Mark Wahlberg. From the dubious early days as the muscle-bound brother of one of New Kids on the Block, Wahlberg has gradually grown to position where he not only stars in critically-acclaimed movies, but often produces them too.

And the latest movie to feature Wahlberg’s name in the acting and production credits is The Gambler. This film aims to provide a modern-day update to the 1974 movie of the same name, and as such, provides Wahlberg with the perfect opportunity to cast himself as a 21st century equivalent to James Caan.

The basic premise of the film is one that will be familiar to many people who’ve seen any other movies that focuses on dusky poker halls with elements of the criminal underworld lurking in the shadows. Continue reading

Juggernaut (1974) – Review

Review Juggernaut

Often we tend to focus on new things. In the field of films and series, we feel (especially if you blog about movies), forced to see what has just been released as soon as possible. Therefore we sometimes forget to reflect on what’s already there and may have missed in the past. Especially when it comes to older films, it is sometimes difficult to find out what films are worth seeing, but which don’t appear in the “classics” lists. For example, I had never heard of Juggernaut, until I was researching films with bombs in them. It seems it is the first film to have a bomb defusing scene where someone needs to make the choice between cutting a red or a blue wire. Continue reading