War Machine (2017) – Review

Review War Machine

In general the shows which Netflix releases are of high quality and often can’t be missed. Unfortunately that isn’t the case for the movies the company has released under its name (with an occasional exception). War Machine looks like an interesting film, with Brad Pitt starring and it’s directed by David Michôd who previously was responsible for the great Animal Kingdom. The movie also has a number of surprising cameos from famous actors and actresses. Is this great Netflix movie? Continue reading

Great movies with iconic interior design

Every film fan will know that there’s more to movies than just following the plot lines. And several films have become massive hits in the interior design circles thanks to some stunning examples of innovative set design.

Whether it’s a faux leather sofa like the one in Mia’s contemporary apartment in Pulp Fiction, or embracing mid-century bohemianism in Holly Golightly’s flat in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, there’s plenty of interior design inspiration to be found in our favourite movies. Continue reading

Free Fire (2017) – Review

Recensie Free Fire

Walking into a cinema screening without knowing anything is a great experience. It makes sure you don’t have any expectations to what you are about to see. You are purely reacting to the thing which is presented to you and it’s not always easy to predict the direction the story will go. That’s the case for me with Free Fire. The poster wasn’t very special, but the reason why I wanted to see it were the names of the actors: Sharlto Copley, Cillian Murphy, Armie Hammer and Brie Larson. I had no idea that the film was directed by Ben Wheatley (High Rise, Sightseers, Kill List). Was this movie a pleasant surprise to me? Continue reading

The Great Wall (2017) – Review

Review The Great Wall

Matt Damon is one of those actors where I basically watch every movie he is in automatically. In general his appearance makes a movie worth watching. When this movie was in the cinemas I decided not to see it as I didn’t find the poster very appealing. Once it was available on DVD I decided to check it out. The question is if a movie set in China in the year 1000, starring Matt Damon (amongst others), works? Continue reading

Saving Banksy (2017) – Review

Review Saving Banksy

There doesn’t seem to come an end to the number of documentaries which have something to do with street artist Banksy. Everyone seems to know his name and he is popular, so using it should be enough to get some interest. Unfortunately not all films which have something to do with his work are of the same quality. Exit Through the Gift Shop was fantastic and is a title I’ve watched several times. Banksy Does New York showed how he took residence in New York for a month and placed a new piece each day, looking at the reactions of the public to them. How to Sell a Banksy was a horrible documentary to watch (in which someone tries to sell one of his pieces he removed from a wall). And now this documentary showed up on Netflix, in which an admirer of Banksy’s work wants to save one of the pieces he made in San Francisco and donate it to a museum. Continue reading

Before I Fall (2017) – Review

Review Before I Fall

Even though I watch a whole lot of movies each week (and read quite a few reviews), it’s simply impossible to keep up with every title that’s being released each week. It means you sometimes miss out on titles which could be interesting. That was also the case with this film. My eldest daughter really wanted to see it and as I know what her taste in movies is (which is slightly different from mine) I decided to just give it a chance. A specific element in the story intrigued me. Continue reading