Grimsby (2016) – Review

Review Brothers Grimsby

It has been a while since Sacha Baron Cohen appeared in his own movie. His last one was The Dictator in 2012 and in the meantime he has appeared in various smaller roles, like in Alice Through the Looking Glass, Les Misérables and Anchorman 2. His roles in those were different, but in his own films he is known for one thing: being able to shock. Whether he does that by not conforming to social norms or embarrassing others, there’s always something you’ll remember. Grimsby is no different and he even seems to take it a step further. Does het go too far here? Continue reading

Lost in Laos (2015) – Review

Review Lost in Laos

Recently I was approached by Vincent Lodder and Jonathan Kray with the question if I would be interested to watch their film Lost in Laos. Often my experience in these type of situations is that the quality of the movie is disappointing and a waste of my time. Because of that I always first watch the trailer before I decline in a friendly way to watch and review it. But the trailer which I saw for Lost in Laos made me curious. Trailers can paint a false image of the final quality of a movie, but in this case I decided to give it a chance. Continue reading

El Olivo (2016) – Review

Review El Olivo

We all have things in our house which might not be valuable based on sight, but which for us personally mean a whole lot. I myself have a couple of brown drinking glasses which don’t seem to be very special, but they are important to me. The reason for that is because they were owned by my grandma and they are something I handle with care as they are the only physical things I have from her. I don’t remember her using them, but because of them I still feel a connection to her. The Spanish film El Olivo, by director Icíar Bollaín, is also about such a symbol, an olive tree. Continue reading

Hardcore Henry (2015) – Review

Review Hardcore Henry

Is it still possible to innovate after more than 100 years of film? In all those years so many creative minds have brought their visions to the screen that you could assume that we’ve reached the top of what’s possible. But still some filmmakers succeed in making your jaw drop to the ground because they tell their stories in new ways or by effectively using certain techniques like never seen before. The Wachowski’s managed to stun by using two techniques and combining them (still cameras and computers), which brought something fresh to the table.

During the last couple of years the capabilities of digital cameras have quickly grown. Drones enable directors to make shots for which they used to hire helicopters, special setups allow for shooting 360 videos making it possible for the viewer to direct the action. High resolution cameras have become so small that you are able to stick them to your body. That last one is exactly what the makers behind Hardcore Henry have done and the end result is the first full length, first person action film. Continue reading

Belgica (2016) – Review

Review Belgica

Ever since I saw The Broken Circle Breakdown, directed by Felix van Groeningen I´ve been slowly working my way through his work. There still isn´t a movie by his which makes me feel as much as that film, but that doesn´t mean I think his other movies are bad because they aren´t. But The Broken Circle Breakdown simply managed to move me so much. After reading several positive reviews about his latest film, I was curious about Belgica. Continue reading

Tony Robbins: I Am Not Your Guru (2016) – Review

Review Tony Robbins- I Am Not Your Guru

How well do you know yourself? Of course you know what you’re good and bad at and which characteristics you’d rather hide from others, but would you be willing to really look deep into yourself? And if you would dare to do so, would you be willing to do something about it and talk about the less positive sides of yourself? Would you dare to be vulnerable? Tony Robbins has managed to make a name for himself by writing self-help books and tours the world giving presentations. He looks like a professional wrestler, with big hands and a huge jaw. He constantly curses to shock the visitors to his events and wake them up. He’s so popular though that people are willing to pay $5000 to be present during his “Date with Destiny” seminars. In this documentary he is followed during the six-day seminar and as a viewer you get a look into his idea of working. Continue reading