Me Before You (2016) – Review

Review Me Before You

Do you recognise this? That a specific element in a movie stands out so much that you can’t help but to keep focussing on it? That was the case for me with this romantic film, Me Before You. It might be best to first watch the movie yourself before reading the review, because else it might distract you too much. That specific element in this movie which stood out were Emilia Clarke’s eyebrows. It might be that her forehead works different from other people, but her eyebrows regularly made movements I haven’t seen other eyebrows make. But if you are able to ignore it (I couldn’t), is Me Before You the romantic film you’d expect? Continue reading

5 Superheroes Perfect for Christopher Nolan


Warner Bros. will release Suicide Squad soon, and at least in terms of trailers and publicity it seems to have a chance to be the most successful project since Zack Snyder started to create a DC empire. Beginning with Man Of Steel and continuing through this year’s Batman v. Superman: Dawn Of Justice, Snyder and others are attempting to take on Marvel. So far, though, they’re coming up short. And even if Suicide Squad turns some heads, it’s pretty clear at this point that DC and Warner Bros. are playing catch-up. 

They might not be doing so if they’d successfully convinced Christopher Nolan to transition from his excellent Dark Knight trilogy to a larger DC Universe. Alas, they didn’t do so. But the interesting thing is that Nolan himself hasn’t ruled out returning to superhero cinemaContinue reading

High-Rise (2015) – Review

Review High-Rise

Robert Laing (Tom Hiddleston) is successful doctor who, after the death of his sister, moves into a prestigious new apartment building just outside London, designed by Anthony Royal (Jeremy Irons). It is a modern building which is modern and has many extras. It has a pool, a gym and a supermarket everyone is able to use. But the building also houses various people from many walks of life. The top floors is where the upper class lives while the people from lower classes live at the bottom of the building. As becomes clear from the opening that separation eventually has led to chaos as it looks almost apocalyptic. Continue reading

Top 10 movies about art

Top 10 art films

While watching the movie Pollock not too long ago I realised that I’ve watched quite a few documentaries and films which have something to do with the world of art. I’m not someone who you can regularly see visiting a museum. I also don’t have much of an affinity with paintings, but to me that world, that subculture which has fascinated me. So a good moment to make a top 10 of my ten favorite art related films. Continue reading

Much Loved (2015) – Review

Review e Much Loved

Before Much Loved played at the Internation Film Festival Rotterdam there was a lot of commotion around this film. It was banned in its home country of Morocco because it defied the moral values and image of Moroccan women and both its director, Nabil Ayouch as the actrices were receiving threats. But what was the cause of all of it? Continue reading

Eye in the Sky (2016) – Review

Recensie Eye in the Sky

Wars are as old as mankind and preservation and/or expansion of territory and ideals often forms the basis for them. Since the second world war the way they are fought has changed dramatically. It used to mean that when a country would be in a war you would lose soldiers, but this isn’t always the case anymore. The introduction of drones is a good example. The pilots are safely on the ground on the other side of the world (something Good Kill showed) and the only loss you can experience is of your equipment and possibly some damage to your public image if a mission does not go as planned. Unfortunately the news shows that it sometimes does go wrong. Although there are rules to war, it is a situation in which emotions run high, parties want to achieve their goals and that sometimes might lead to an attempt to stretch the rules. That is also the case in Eye in the Sky. Lees verder