The Night Before (2015) – Review

Review The Night Before

Seth Rogen and Joseph Gordon-Levitt already worked together a couple of years ago in the cancer comedy 50/50. They showed that the two work well together and they teamed up again with the same director on this movie. Its tone is a lot lighter and is set during Christmas. Together with Anthony Mackie they form a group of friends who have had the tradition since the parents of Ethan (Gordon-Levitt) died to meet up at Christmas and do some specific activities. The movie was released over here last month, so it is a strange experience to watch a Chritmas movie in May, but I was curious if this was a comedy worth watching. Continue reading

Les cowboys (2015) – Review

Review Les Cowboys

If you have kids then you have the natural instinct to watch them, be there for them and protect them. Nevertheless, from the start you should already slowly let go so that they can learn from the mistakes they make and ultimately spread their wings. However, when you see that the freedom you give them is a bit too much, you’ll have to restrict it again to make it safe.

It is a constant process that I’m constantly working on myself, but the older your children get, the more you realize that you can’t and shouldn’t try to check everything. There is a chance that it all goes incredibly wrong. I regularly read about parents who left their child home alone and they ended up inviting friends who brought alcohol and they had to be hospitalized for alcohol poisoning. With those stories in mind it is important to inform rather than to limit so that you keep talking to each other instead of having a teenager who shuts you out and starts having secrets for you. That is exactly what the main character from Les Cowboys realises. A secret that will affect the whole family deeply. Continue reading

Rebels (2015) – Review

Review Rebels

There are so many elements which decide who you become as a person. Of course the place you are born has a huge influence, but also how you were raised, your friends and the setbacks you face all play a role in forming your personality and where in life you eventually end up. For some that is a bad place and is documentary you see how a group of young people with their own issues follow a course which should help them to find a job. Continue reading

Son of a Gun (2014) – Review

Review Son of a Gun

I always liked Ewan McGregor as actor from the moment I saw him in Trainspotting. He’s an actor who doesn’t always play the same type of roles. Because of that he has a varied list of movies to his name. He’s not only in funny comedies, but had a role in Star Wars and has a lot of convincing dramatic roles, for example in The Impossible. When I saw a picture of him with a large beard in this movie set in this Australia I was very curious to see it. Continue reading

The Jungle Book (2016) – Review

Review the Jungle Book

If there is one thing which is usually worse than the original, it’s the remake. I often steer clear of them (My Sassy Girl, Old Boy, The Thing), but there are times when my curiosity wins (or loses depending how you look at it) from my instinct (Point Break). During the last couple of years Disney has started remaking their animated classics in the form of live action movies and many are already planned for the coming years (including Dumbo, Pinocchiio, Beauty and the Beast and Mulan). Movies like Alice in Wonderland and Cinderella proved that these movies can be pretty good and now there is The Jungle Book. I can still remember seeing the original cartoon and the songs of that movie I never forgot. Does director Jon Favreau (Chef, Iron Man) succeed in bringing the story to an environment which isn’t drawn? Continue reading

Stealing Time (2011) – Short movie review

review Stealing Time

The creativity of the human mind know no limits and it’s always fascinating to see what is being invented, but also which theories we think of about things we can’t even see. It appeals to the imagination and the best movies normally also manage to do that. Whether it was the first Matrix movie which did that on a technical level or Black Swan which did that emotionally. A favorite subject of mine has always been time travel as it enables you to dream about both the future and the past, so it’s no surprise I keep searching for new movies I have not seen. Stealing Time was one of them. Continue reading