Split (2016) – Review

Review Split

M. Night Shyamalan, once crowned king of the twist, seemed to have lost his touch the last couple of years. Lady in the Water, The Happening (What, no!), The Last Airbender and After Earth didn’t manage to impress and the question was if he would be able to make a comeback. That he still had some humour is something he proved during the last Oscars when he tweeted: “I wrote the ending of the academy awards 2017. @jimmykimmel we really got them!”. When Split started playing at the cinema earlier this year it proved to be a title with staying power as it kept playing for a long time in the cinemas over here in the Netherlands. Does that prove that Shyamalan has proved he still got it? Continue reading

Logan (2017) – Review

Review Logan

Maybe it’s the fact that I’m getting older, but I notice that it’s usually not a good idea for me to see a movie at the cinema when it’s late in the evening. In general I go and see movies when I have a day off or during the day in weekends, but when I visit a showing late at night it will happen once in a while that I can’t keep my eyes open during the whole movie. It doesn’t matter whether the film is a moving drama or filled with action, I sometimes just nod off. It doesn’t mean I sleep during the whole movie, but I will miss between one and five minutes. So I decided I wouldn’t review a movie when that happens as I can’t form a complete opinion about it as I might have missed a key moment. When I saw Logan late at night everything seemed to go fine, but halfway through the movie I was gone again. As the reviews were mainly positive and what I saw didn’t really convince me completely I blamed it on sleeping. So later I headed to the cinema again to watch it a second time. Did that change my opinion? Continue reading

A look at the career of Jennifer Tilly

Born Jennifer Ellen Chan on September 16, 1958, in Harbor City, Los Angeles, Canadian-American Jennifer Tilly commenced her acting career in the 1980s. Her breakthrough role was as a singing waitress in The Fabulous Baker Boys, which she starred in after receiving her Bachelor of Arts degree in Theater from Stephens College in Columbia, Missouri. Jennifer is related to actress Meg Tilly, and both left the very rural Texada Island to pursue a life and career in the ever-appealing Hollywood. Continue reading

The Architect (2016) – Review

Review The Architect

I’m organising a Dutch movieblogger get together event in two weeks where I’ve rented a cinema and of course that meant I had to look for a movie to show. More than 40 moviebloggers will show up, so it has to be good. After a documentary I really was interested in turned out to be slightly disappointing I had to continue my search. I asked some American bloggers if they had some tips for me and started watching the trailers. Of the titles it was this movie which I liked most, a light comedy starring some famous actors as well. I was quickly able to get in contact with its director, Jonathan Parker, and was sent a screener. Continue reading

I Don’t Feel at Home in This World Anymore (2017) – Review

Review I Don't Feel at Home in this world anymore

You are familiar with them, those small, daily frustrations. A colleague or roommate who didn’t clean up, people in the supermarket who pretend they don’t see you when rushing to the register to get ahead of you or that other driver who was driving behind you when two lanes have to merge, but still tries to get in front of you once you have merged. Depending on your state of mind you either let it slide or let it get to you. For Ruth (Melanie Lynskey) those type of moments keep piling up. When she comes home and finds out that a burglary took place and the police states that there isn’t much they can do, she has had enough. Continue reading

Trollhunter (2010) – Review

review Trollhunter

When you search for the “found footage” genre on Wikipedia you’ll see that once The Blair Witch Project came out it caused an explosion of titles which also used the technique. Most of those movies are titles you’ve never heard of and that’s probably for a good reason. Making a found footage movie can be done cheaply. You don’t need great equipment for the images to look good and the way the camera itself is used doesn’t have to be tight (shots don’t always have to be in focus or steady). Of course there are various exceptions of movies which did have a budget and chose to use it to tell the story in an effective way (Cloverfield, Chronicle, End of Watch and Europa Report are a couple of examples). The Norwegian film Trollhunter recently appeared on Netflix over here and also has been shot in this style. Is this a better way of approaching the Norse mythology than the horrible Trolls did? Continue reading

The Magnificent Seven (2016) – Review

Review The Magnificent Seven

When I watched Seven Samurai for the first time, about seven years ago, it was a movie which really impressed me. A beautifully shot film, with characters you cared about and impressive fights set in the pouring rain. And although I wrote in my original review that the 1960 version of The Magnificent Seven was based on the Kurosawa movie, I had forgotten it. While watching this new version I immediately was thinking about Seven Samurai and it proves how a classic can take a place in your heart. Is that something which this update, with actors like Denzel Washington, Chris Pratt, Ethan Hawke, Vincent D’Onofrio and others also manages to do? Continue reading