Manchester by the Sea (2016) – Review

Review Manchester by the Sea
For years Casey Affleck didn’t get as much attention as his brother Ben. Unfairly though, because in various roles he proved that he is an actor worth watching (just this of his role in The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford). With this movie his talent was rewarded, as he received the Oscar for best male performance. Is it just him who is good, or is this movie top-notch as well? Continue reading

It’s No Game – Short film

It's no game

Last year I wrote about Sunspring, a short film which was written entirely by an articifial intellgence which called itself Benjamin. When watching that it quickly became clear that there still was long way to go, but despite that it was fascinating to watch. This year Benjamin has written something again, but the approach of it has been different. This time various parts are written by humans and it quickly becomes clear when Benjamin’s work kick in as it shows a different style. Does that result in a good film? You be the judge! Continue reading

The New Adventures of Aladin (2015) – Review

Review The New Adventures of Aladin
The number of VOD-platforms keeps growing, which sometimes can make it difficult to make a choice as not every service offers the same content. Still it can sometimes be worth looking around and recently I was asked if I was interested in seeing The New Adventures of Aladin, which is available through Walk This Way (a platform which focusses on European productions). It is a new version of the well-known story, but with some modern influences. Continue reading

5 Centimeters Per Second (2007) – Review

Review 5 centimeters per second

Soemtimes there are movie genres or movies form a specific country you are interested in watching, but where you don’t know where to start. To me that’s the feeling I have with anime. It is such a wide genre that’s its possible to check out so many different directions and where I’ve seen so little. Yes, I did see a lot of Ghibli films and some random other films, but that’s about it. This title is one which I added to my to watch list years ago and was my first introduction to the work of director Makoto Shinkai. Continue reading

Fist Fight (2016) – Review

Review Fist Fight

It is the last day of school and at Roosevelt High School it means that the students are allowed to pull pranks all day. This results in a school at which not everything goes as it normally does and it is a challenge for the teachers to “survive” the day as anything can happen with either their car or during their classes. Andy Campbell (Charlie Day) doesn’t realise at the start of the day what his will look like, but it will be a lot worse than he can imagine. Grumpy history teacher Ron Strickland (Ice Cube) asks him to help him, but because of what happens next it gets Strickland fired. He wants revenge and challenges Andy to a fight, after school, outside. Continue reading

xXx: Return of Xander Cage (2017) – Review

Review xXx: Return of Xander Cage

During his career Vin Diesel has played various characters, but he’s mainly an actor who has been successful as an action star in his Fast & Furious and Riddick movies and the extreme sports version of James Bond: xXx. The first movie in the franchise was bizarre but enjoyable and in the sequel his role was played by Ice Cube. As the title already implies Diesel is back (after 15 years). Does that result in a film worth watching? Hell yes. Continue reading

Assassin’s Creed (2016) – Review

Review  Assassin's creed
Games allow you as a gamer to take control of another character who can perform actions which sometimes would be impossible in the real world. That’s also the case for the Assasin’s Creed games, in which you are a member of secret group travelling through old cities, running with parcours skills across rooftops to fight the Templars. As not all games are set at the same time it introduced the element of the “present”, where a machine (the Animus) is used to allow the main character to jump into the past in order to find artefacts who have a link to the creation story which can influence humanity. With popular game series it seem inevitable that they are turned into movies and unfortunately history has shown it almost always ends up being disappointing (just think of the Warcraft movie last year). Is this one different? Continue reading