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Fed Up (2014)

review fed up

“Hi, my name is Nostra and I’m an addict” were the first thoughts that ran trough my mind after watching the documentary Fed Up. Luckily I’m not alone in this and it’s actually most of society that is as well. We all consume something which stimulates our brains even more than cocaine: sugar. I have to admit I eat candy each day, but even if you don’t chances are that you consume more of it than you actually realise, often above the daily recommended limit. There are lots of product in the supermarket which contain it, even ones you wouldn’t expect to have it. Continue reading

The Monday Question: Archive!

The Monday Question

A big part of blogging is the sense of community and I enjoy visiting other blogs to read about other people’s opinions about specific movies. I’ve got more subscriptions to blogs than I am able to read each day which always leads to a big backlog in emails of blogposts I still want to read and comment on. I’ve been steadily trying to reduce the unread emails and my backlog ran all the way back to July. When you read such blog posts that late you notice something: Unless it is a timeless post there will not be any comments made after only a couple of days. The average relevancy for a post therefore is extremely low and it is quite a shame how “disposable” that time you have put into something is. It made me wonder how you feel about this:

Do you read older blog posts of blogs after you have seen a specific movie and how do you feel about the average relevancy of the posts you have written?

The Better Film: Scarface vs Carlito’s Way

There always discussions between people when comparing two (very good) movies, which usually comes down to one question:
If you have to pick only one, which is the better film?

My goal is to have that discussion in the comments and see which of the two gets the most support, thus being the better film of the two. This does not mean the other one is bad, it is just to see which one is the preferred choice.

For the last couple of weeks it were sequels going up against the original. This time though the choice is not about movies that are part of the same universe, but which in my mind are spiritually linked. One is about someone making it in organised crime, while the other is about someone wanting to leave it. Which of these two do you think is the better film? Continue reading

Patria (2014)

Review Patria

Ambition can take you quite far and Patria is a good example of this. First time director Klaas van Eijkeren wanted to make the first Dutch movie about the first world war. He based the story on the letters soldier Arthur Knaap (Timothy Flohr) sent to his father while he was fighting. This Dutch-Indonesian young man lived in France and decided to join the foreign legion to fight in the trenches. It is clear that van Eijkeren really invested a lot of time in his research to transform this into a full length film. Ambition unfortunately doesn’t always mean that you will be able to get your passion project financed, which van Eijkeren had big issues with. He finally managed to get a small amount of money, 15000 euros, and decided he would make the movie with this very limited budget. Continue reading

The King of Arcades (2014)

Review The King of Arcades

When it comes to games various documentaries have been released during the past few years. One of the best of them is, without doubt, the King of Kong, in which Billy Mitchell tried to win the Donkey Kong record from Steve Wiebe. It managed to really show what was happening the subculture of old arcade games. A couple of the people in that documentary also appear here shortly, but besides a short history lesson, including interviews with the maker of the first arcade game, the maker of Defender and Robotron and various world record holders, it is mainly about the story of Richie Knucklez. Continue reading

The Monday Question: Comedies!

The Monday Question

During the last couple of years I feel that the average comedies have gone through a transformation. They usually were the type of movie you could see with the whole family, but it seems that shock value has become the new way of trying to generate laughs. Although I have to admit that I can often enjoy them, I have moments where I think it happens way too much and that comedy based on situations is happening less and less. I’m interested in your thoughts on this:

Do current comedies rely too much on shock value to generate laughs?