The Hire (2001/2002/2016) – Review

Review The Hire

How many movie franchises can you name on which the best directors like Ang Lee, Wong Kar-wai, Guy Ritchie, Alejandro González Iñárritu, John Woo, Joe Carnahan, Tony Scott and Neill Blomkamp have worked on, which have also been produced by David Fincher and Ridley Scott? You will probably respond that such a film series does not exist. That is until you hear of The Hire. BMW Films has managed to bring all these names, plus many more famous actors, together to create a series of short films in which a BMW is shown prominently and is driven by “The Driver” (Clive Owen). Continue reading

Patti Cake$ (2017) – Review

Review Patti Cakes

The story of the underdog, who continues reaching for the top despite all kinds of obstacles, is one that I have seen a lot over the years. A lot of sports films take it as a starting point (Eddie the Eagle or Creed), but also in the field of music, specifically rap, you can think of films like 8 Mile or Hustle & Flow. Patti Cake$ can be added to this category and is about Patti (Danielle Macdonald), who wants to make it as a rapper Continue reading

The Foreigner (2017) – Review

Review The Foreigner

Although the big action heroes from the eighties and nineties are slowly starting to get old, some continue to make films in the genre as if they were still young. That sometimes produces even more entertaining films, but sometimes an actor has to face reality and adjust the type of roles they play. This may be especially true for Jackie Chan. He is of course well-known for his extreme stunts and fights, but when you get older, things like that aren’t as easy to pull off anymore. You can also see that in the type of roles he has been playing. He has done more voice work and also in his physical roles he does less (think of The Karate Kid or Chinese Zodiac). You can also see this in The Foreigner. A serious role, without his typical humor Continue reading

The 80s: The Decade That Made Us (2013) – Review

Recensie The 80s The decade that made us

Time flies and sometimes I sometimes forget that not everyone I know has experienced the 1980s consciously. For me, that was the biggest part of my childhood and it means that the songs of cartoons like MASK, Inspector Gadget, He-Man or series like Knight Rider, ALF and The A-Team manage to make me nostalgic. But this decade was, of course, so much more than that and this documentary series by National Geographic takes the viewer through an important period in six episodes, which would form the blueprint for the world today. Continue reading

Molly’s Game (2017) – Review

The new film Molly’s Game is the keenly awaited directorial debut of Aaron Sorkin. It is labelled as a crime drama and it follows the fortunes of “poker princess” Molly Bloom (played by Jessica Chastain) and her exclusive underground poker business.
With a $30 million budget, some star names, and a gripping story, this is set to be one of the most talked-about movie releases over the festive period, so what is it all about and how good is it? Continue reading