ARQ (2016) – Review

review arq

Timecrimes, Groundhog Day, Triangle, the tv show Day Break, +1 and Edge of Tomorrow, they are just a few examples of movies in which the main character gets stuck in a time loop. A piece of time in which the same events keep taking place and where the main character uses his knowledge of them to outwit everyone and hopefully escape. It’s “High concept” which is fun to watch. Netflix has stepped into this genre with ARQ, a relatively low budget film (according to director Tony Elliott shy of two million dollar). Is this a must-see for Netflix subscribers? Continue reading

Publieke Werken (2015) – Review

Review Publieke werken

My journey of discovery of Dutch movies continues with Publieke Werken. A movie which didn’t really appeal to me. Even an interview I watched with the actors also didn’t manage to convince me. So not a film I would be buying in the shop, but when it appeared on Netflix over here I was willing to give it a chance. Especially because this is a Dutch movie which doesn’t seem to target women in the form of a romantic comedy, but tells a piece of Dutch history. Continue reading

13th (2016) – Review

Review the 13th

Thanks to social media the Black Liver Matter movement grew quickly this past year. As a result of racism and excessive violence by the police many protests were held and in some places this resulted in changes being made to the police force (like introducing body cameras). But it’s an issue that unfortunately still has not disappeared. This Netflix documentary not only looks at these events, but takes a much wider view about how the prison population has grown so quickly during the past decennia (25% of all prisoners in the world are American) and why such a high relative percentage consists of Afro-Americans. Continue reading

Waterboys (2016) – Review

review waterboys

After seeing this dutch movie at a festival something stood out when I listened to other people talking about it. The reactions were mainly positive, but they all ended with the words that the movie was good “for a Dutch movie”. It’s like saying “Yeah, he’s pretty good in tying his shoes….for someone who only has one arm”. In other words, many Dutch people don’t feel that the quality of Dutch movies is high.

I have to admit that I’m someone who mostly skips Dutch productions because for a great movie like Wolf there are more than ten stupid romantic comedies. The fact that a movie like Aanmodderfakker won a golden calf (one of the highest prizes a movie can win in the Netherlands) is something I still don’t understand. Recently I tried giving Dutch films more of a chance and watched one on Netflix. And in the same week I watched this one. Did it manage to change the image I have of Dutch movies? Continue reading

Now You See Me 2 (2016) – Review

Review Now You See Me 2

The Four Horsemen are back! Well, at least that’s the feeling a lot of people had when the news broke that this sequel was getting made. I wasn’t excited at all. The original movie was slick and managed to entertain, but the twist at the end was so unbelievable that it took the feeling I had about the movie, threw it on the ground, built a stadium around it and had the chariot race from Spartacus run over it. It completely destroyed the movie for me and I really didn’t feel like having to go through that again. Still, the reviews of the sequel weren’t that bad, so I decided to give it a chance. Should I have? Continue reading

The neverending comebacks of The Terminator


There’s something a little ironic about a time-travelling movie franchise like The Terminator continuing to make surprising comebacks despite critical maulings and dwindling audience numbers.

But in a way it makes sense as the clever time-travel conceit allows the murderous cyborgs to continually travel back to the present, and with calls for a return for the TV spin-off and even online casino games dedicated to the franchise, it’s no real surprise to find that there’s a Terminator 6 movie in the works. Continue reading

Girlhood (2014) – Review

review girlhood

Based purely on the title you could assume that this is the sequel to Richard Linklater’s Boyhood, a movie which personally didn’t move me as much as it seems to have done to other reviewers. Besides the title though, this movie doesn’t have many similarities. Girlhood is set in France and follows sixteen-year-old Marieme (Karidja Touré). Continue reading