De surprise (2015) – Review

Review De Surprise

Although I’m Dutch I hardly watch Dutch movies, but last year I gave a couple of them a chance and they managed to surprise me (like Waterboys and Publieke Werken). When a fellow blogger suggested to watch this one, I decided to give it a chance as it was available through Netflix, so the only thing I would lose if I didn’t like it would be some time. Continue reading

The Uncertainty Has Settled (2017) – Review

Recensie The Uncertainty Has Settled

Having a different view on a particular subject can sometimes be difficult. For example, if all the reviews for a specific movie are positive, do you dare to have a different opinion, and if so, are you looking forward to the reactions you will get on it? Now, movie reviews obviously are not world-changing, but this concept of a large consensus also applies in professional environments. There are plenty stories to be found in history of this, for example in the field of health care, in which major breakthroughs weren’t looked at seriously by anyone, simply because they deviated from the general opinion. For example, Ignaz Semmelweis suggested, in response to more women dying in one of two clinics he worked at, that doctors needed wash their hands because in one of them doctors went straight from the morgue to child delivery without cleaning up. It’s something which now may seem obvious, but it took him a lot of effort to convince others. Everyone was so stuck in a way of thinking that they were no longer open to another idea. Lees verder

Black Mirror – Season 3: San Junipero

Recensie San Junipero

*This review contains spoilers*
The bodies in which we live are temporary and through the influence of time, they are slowly getting worse. We might be young in spirit, but eventually we’ll succumb to the failure of the cells from which we are made. For centuries, there has been a search for a source of eternal youth, but to no avail. However, a new mindset seems to be getting more momentum, one that also has been depicted in several films, which is leaving our body behind and uploading our personality to a computer. The Matrix showed a simulated world and you could see in the last Terminator movie or Transcendence wat kind of powers such an environment could add. This episode of Black Mirror looks at how our consciousness and computers could work together.

Review San Junipero

San Junipero is initially confusing, because as a viewer you aren’t shown yet how the world works (on purpose). You see how a young woman in the eighties is feeling uncomfortable visiting a club. She starts talking with another girl and after spending the night together with her she disappears. She wants to meet her again, but can’t seem to find her. Someone else tells her that she can find her in the nineties and that’s when you start wondering what is going on. Slowly you discover what’s happening and this is one of the few expisodes of Black Mirror which doesn’t end on a low. It’s all about a possible answer what are lives could look like if we would no longer be contained by our physcial bodies and could live forever. One of the best episodes of season 3, with great roles by Gugu Mbatha-Raw and Mackenzie Davis.

Moonlight (2016) – Review

Recensie Moonlight

The amount of experiences we have to process every day is huge. Yet you will have forgotten most of them within a few hours. Do you remember what you ate last Monday? Unless that was a meal which was very special or during a special occasion, you will not be able to remember. The moments that stay with you are those where there was a lot of emotion. If you look back at your own life and at the moments that are important to you, perhaps even decisive, emotion often played a very important role. Continue reading

In Your Eyes (2014) – Review

Review  In Your Eyes

If there is one thing people are quick to do, is to judge others based on just a little information on them. Even if you don’t have an idea what the other has been through or what the things are they are struggling with. But what would happen if you would literally see the world through their eyes, how would that change you? That’s what this romantic movie is about. Continue reading

Pompeii (2014) – Review

Review Pomeii

After watching the terrible The Legend of Hercules, the disaster movie Pompeii was broadcast the next day. Maybe Hercules had broken me, but I decided to give this one a chance as well, because if you have survived one sand and sandals movie why not watch another one. Even if I had strong doubts about it in advance. Would this be my second bad movie night in a row? Continue reading

The Legend of Hercules (2014) – Review

Review The Legend of Hercules

Each year there are these movies which give you this feeling “it’s probably better to skip this one”. It’s some sort of spidersense you have developed as a movielover and often that sense turns out to be correct. In 2014 the movie Hercules would be released, starring Dwayne Johnson. Not long before that suddenly this movie entered theaters. I don’t know if it was supposed to take some money away from that movie, but The Legend of Hercules looked like a B-movie. So I decided to skip it, but when it recently was shown on TV I decided to give it a chance. I’ve learned a wise lesson from that: Sometimes you just have to watch these type of movies to get a better perspective on the movies which are worth watching. Continue reading