Shot Caller (2017) – Review

Recensie Shot Caller

Although the end of Game of Thrones is slowly approaching, I had never seen the show until recently. That also means that I do not immediately associate Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (who plays Jaime Lannister in GoT) with that series. The film I mainly know about is the Scandinavian film Headhunters, in which he is the bad guy. A great actor whom I wanted to see in a different role and Shot Caller appealed to me. I love prison movies (see my top 10 for this genre) and since this title is partly set there and Coster-Waldau looks like a gangster on the poster, I was very curious. Continue reading

Going in Style (2017) – Review

Review Going in Style
While older women generally have a harder time getting hold of roles in Hollywood, this is very different for men. Action stars from the eighties and nineties can still do the same now that they have almost reached their seventies and in most films there is room for men of age, also in the field of comedy. That occasionally produces terrible titles such as Dirty Grandpa, but also more entertaining titles such as Grumpy Old Men. Within the comedy genre there is another sub-genre, namely that of films in which old men do things they would not normally do. Think of The Bucket List, but also a Tough Guys from 1986, in which two old men who are out of prison and decide to rob a train. Going in Style is also a title that is similar in a sense. Continue reading

Unconfessional (2015) – Review

Review Unconfessional

The thing about going on holiday and long flights, is that there usually is a big selection of movies available to watch. Of course you have the big blockbusters, but also titles you’ve never heard of before. Unconfessional was one of those titles I found underneath the Korean movies section. And as you can’t quickly check IMDb or Rotten Tomatoes while flying to see if it’s worth watching, it gave me the feeling of visiting a rental store and picking a movie purely based on it’s picture and a short description. Continue reading

Their Finest (2017) – Review

Review Their Finest

“Film is life without the boring bits” is one of the lines from Their Finest and an important reason why we love movies so much. If they are good, they offer a world for one and a half to three hours in which something is constantly happening, whether it is a lot of action or small personal moments. It is a period in which you do not have to do anything yourself and yet experience a great deal. Really good films are able to move you or give you a different view of something that you normally do not think about. And that all starts with someone who has a good idea and knows how to turn that into a fascinating script. That is partly what this film is all about. Continue reading

Inspiration and Ireland: Three of the Emerald Isle’s Movie Gems

Artistic inspiration can come in many forms and Ireland is a country full of directors that have been inspired by stories around them. Sure, the backstreets of Dublin don’t have the same sheen as Hollywood Boulevard, but that doesn’t mean they’re any less impressive as a movie backdrop. In this rundown of top flicks, we’ve picked out three of the best movies filmed in Ireland and what inspired them. Continue reading

Naked (2017) – Review

Recensie Naked
The Wayans brothers made their career with comedy and although some films were too bland for words, there were occasional entertaining films (White Chicks, Scary Movie, Mo’Money). Whatever your opinion of them, at least you know what kind of humor you can expect from their films and occasionally that works. Naked is the latest film in which Marlon Wayans plays the leading role (he also co-wrote the script) and it can best be summarized as Groundhog Day where one hour is repeated and in which Rob Anderson (Wayans) always wake up naked in an elevator. Continue reading